Canada is Bringing in Foreign Workers for Green House Based Cannabis Jobs

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When Canada first legalized cannabis it was clear that the
industry was going to be huge – after all, this is an entire country compared
to the handful of states that have made this bold change. Anyone who was
looking for work in the country now had a new opportunity to consider – and for
some it was just the job they were looking for.

Currently, there are roughly 1,700 job openings across the
nation – with 34 of every 10,000 jobs in Canada listed on Indeed being cannabis
related. These numbers may not seem significant or impressive – but the
industry will have roughly doubled from their original 2,400 who were employed
at the end of 2017.

However, not all the jobs that are available are ones that
Canadians want. One company told Bloomberg
that they hired 50 people over the summer to work in their greenhouses – and 42
of them quit within a week
due to the hot conditions.

To get past this issue, some companies are using the
country’s Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program to bring in workers from other
countries to keep their greenhouses running so they can keep up with the needed
supply, which has significantly increased since nationwide legalization was

This means that Canada legalizing cannabis is not only
benefiting Canadians in numerous ways, but it is also already benefitting other
countries as well. People who come from more tropical southern climates who are
already acclimated to the warm weather would be more comfortable – and likely
have more experience – working in such warm conditions.

Cannabis requires a relatively warm climate to grow to its
full potential, making summer the ideal months for growing cannabis outdoors or
in greenhouses – so this is something those working in cultivation would need
to expect.

There has already been a lot of growth for the cannabis
industry in recent years – with the addition of Canada’s nationwide
legalization being one of the biggest contributors for 2018. As we move into
the New Year, those looking for a career change can rest easy knowing that
Canada is looking to employ both their own citizens and those from other
countries as well.

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